Ticketed Events

Access to some activities will be by tickets distrbuted at Tree Fest on October 3.   These events and the ticket distribution locations are listed below.

Beyond the Branch:  A Tree Identification Walk in Marie Curtis Park

We will be taking a tour of the fascinating, hardworking and sometimes rare tree species located right in Marie Curtis Park. Have you ever wondered how to tell your coniferous trees apart? Or which tree species in the park has been around for millions of years?

Now’s your chance to have these questions answered by Sylvia Jorge.

Sylvia Jorge is a Masters of Forest Conservation Candidate at the University of Toronto. She was the resident LBNA tree stewardship lead this summer and is fascinated in all matters urban forestry. She loves to share her knowledge about what trees and what they have to offer to anyone that will listen.

Walk Duration: 30 min

Attendance Limit: 12

Number of walks: 3

Times:  12:30,  1:30 and 2:30

Tickets available at:  LBNA Tree Booth

Indigenous History of Etobicoke Creek and the local waterfront

Barry Gilbert talks about the Etobicoke creek area and how it was used by indigenous people.  Learn about the important native plants, trees and animals of the area.  Learn about indigenous and natural history in and around Marie Curtis Park.

Barry Gilbert President of Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters

Walk Duration:  20 min

Attendance limit: 18

Number of walks 3

Times 1:00, 2:00, 3:00

Tickets available at:  Eagle Spirits of the Great Water booth

Forest Bathing  A Tree Therapy Experience. See how Forest Bathing – a peaceful, sensory, guided experience in the woods – has rejuvenating benefits to the mind, body and spirit.

Siobhan E. MacKenzie  – Certified Forest Therapy Guide and Coach


Walk Duration: 1 hour

Attendace limit:  10

Number of Walks:  2

Times: 12:30 and 2:00

Other:  18+ yrs or older

Tickets available at:  LBNA membership booth

Hurricane Hazel History Walk Ken O’Brien will guide you and  look at the historical artifacts in Marie Curtis Park.  Learn about Hurricane Hazel and how it created  Marie Curtis and other parks across the city.  Learn about the park Cannon, the Toronto Purchase and more

Ken O’Brien:  Member of the  Tree Fest committee, Member of the LBNA History and Culture committee.

Attendance Limit:  12

Walk Duration: 30 min

Number of Walks: 2

Times: 1:30 and  2:30

Tickets Available at:  LBNA HQ booth

Kid’s stories under a tree  

A combintation of  fun childrens stories and activities lead by Marnie the Story Teller.


Attendance Limit:  16 including children

Stories Duration:  about 25 min

Number of story sessions: 3

Times:  1:00 , 2:00 and 3:00 pm

Tickets Available at:  Kids activity area.

Indigenous stories for Kids

Barry Gilbert President of Eagle Spirits of the Great Water

Eagle Spirits

Attendance Limit: 16 including children

Stories Duration: 10 min

Number of sessions: 3

Times:  12:45, 1:45 and 2:45

Tickets available at:  Eagle Spirits of the Great Water booth