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Closing Comments

2020 Tree Fest Closing

By : Long Branch Neighbourhood Association – Tree Fest Committee

 Memories of 2019 Tree Fest at Marie Curtis Park

2019 Long Branch Tree Fest

 By: Bill Zufelt, Chair of the History and Culture Committee, Long Branch Neighbourhood Association.

A video of last years outdoor event. We are hoping for an outdoor event next year.  Fingers crossed

This is the last post. 

We hope you enjoyed the Virtual Tree Fest and we hope to see you next year for the live Long Branch  Tree Fest outside at Marie Curtis Park.

Take care

Long Branch Neighbourhood Association


Long Branch Tree BioBlitz Results 

Feedback from the community on the observations made and recognize the top observers during the past month

Tree Blitz is a method to discover how important trees are to Long Branch.  Participants download an Inaturalist app and take photos of trees, leaves, bark, flowers and any in other interesting natural feature which are added to the project.

Hosted By: Jonathan Dionne. Born and raised in rural Nova Scotia Jonathan completed his undergraduate degree at Dalhousie University with a major in biology and a minor in statistics. Currently he is doing his masters in forest conservation at the University of Toronto. Jonathan spent the summer working on a community engagement and urban tree stewardship project within the community of Long Branch.


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Wrap-Up and Closing From Tree Fest Committee organizers.

2019 Long Branch Tree Fest Photo Montage 


Forest Bathing: A Tree Therapy Experience

Forest Bathing


A peaceful, sensory, guided walk in the forest – has rejuvenating benefits to the mind, body and spirit. See how forest bathing can help reduce stress, improve happiness  and free up creativity in this virtual demonstration with a Certified Forest Therapy Guide.

By: Siobahn Elaine, Forest Therapy Guide Siobhan Elaine. CERTIFIED FOREST THERAPY GUIDE AND ORGANIZATIONAL COACH: Helping urban professionals impact climate change by crafting sustainable lifestyles, communities, and businesses through a deeper relationship with nature.


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Long Branch Tree BioBlitz Results (Live)


Back in Time: Samuel Smith and Upper Canada History


This video examines the history of Samuel Smith and John Graves Simcoe from the American Revolution during the 1770’s and 1780’s to their move to Upper Canada in the 1790’s and the early development of what is now the City of Toronto.

By: Ken O’Brien member of the Long Branch History and Culture Committee.


Junior Tree Huggers Kids Songs

“Mr. R’s Tree Song”

Age 2 – 6 yrs

“Fall and Autumn Counting Song”

Age 2 – 6 yrs

“The Leaves of the Tree are Falling Down”

Age 2 – 6 yrs

Music by Long Branchers!

“How Can we help the Carolinian Forest”

By: Kelly- Sue O’Connor

Kelly-Sue O’Connor is a Board member for the Friends of Sam Smith and organized the 2020 Samuel Smith Virtual Bird Fest.

“Love Me Like You Do”

Dominic Simone Project

This is an original song by Long Branch resident Dominic Simone. It was recorded in Dominic’s living room especially for the 2020 Long Branch Virtual Tree Fest.



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Forest Bathing: A Tree Therapy  Experience.


Hurricane Hazel in Long Branch


The history of Hurricane Hazel in Long Branch and the impact it had on the neighbourhood.  Hurricane Hazel didn’t just make history it changed history in Long Branch and Toronto.

By: Ken O’Brien member of the Long Branch History and Culture Committee.




Junior Tree Hugger Tales

Introduction to Kids Stories

Stories by Stephanie De Concilys the Branch head at  the Long Branch Library

Tall Tree Tales

Books read:
The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle (appeals to babies and toddlers)
E-I-E-I-O: How Old Macdonald Got His Farm, by Judy Sierra (appeals to kindergartens and school age children)
Is Everyone Ready for Fun? By Jan Thomas (appeals to babies, toddlers and kindergarteners)
The Lorax by Dr. Seuss (appeals to school age children)


Etobicoke Master Gardener’s Advice Clinic.

Etobicoke Master Gardeners


By: Etobicoke Master Gardeners.  Master Gardeners (MGs) in the Province of Ontario are experienced gardeners who have studied horticulture extensively and continue to upgrade their skills through technical training

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Back in time Samuel Smith and Upper Canada History

Kid’s Songs 

  • “Mr. R’s Tree Song”
  • “Fall and Autumn Counting Song”
  • “The Leaves of the Tree are Falling Down”

Music by Long Branchers

  • Kelly Sue O’Connor  “How can we help the Carolinian Forest”
  • Dominic Simone Project  “Love me like you do”