Welcome to the ‘Kids Section’ of our 2020 Virtual Tree Fest! In this section you will find simple, family friendly activities that are intended to help build and/or deepen your child’s understanding of the importance of trees!

Bigger or Smaller? (Ages 3+)

Adapted from: 

Materials: A sheet of paper, coloured pencils  

View the artistic video, in order to explore the concept of perspective.  Then, take a nature walk with your child.  During your walk, have fun identifying objects, from smallest to largest. Make comparisons: are you bigger or smaller than a rock, a tree? And if you were the size of an ant, how would that tree look to you? And if you flew over your neighbourhood like a bird, what would it look like?

Back at home, draw something from the viewpoint of the ant (near) or the bird (far). Grab your coloured pencils!  Then send us a photo of your drawing, and check back to this site to see it posted (see “how to submit” below).

Scavenger Hunt (Ages 3+)

Adapted from Forest Ontario – Scavenger Hunt

Materials: Printed game card (*see link*), pencil

Help your child explore nature with this seek and find nature hunt!

Go on a nature walk with your child. Point out items that have fallen to the ground (e.g. leaves, branches). Help your child collect only the items that have fallen and observe others that are still on the trees. Fill out or sketch as many items on the game card as you have found together.  Then share a photo of your filled out game card, and check back to this site to see it posted (see “how to submit” below).

Naming Trees (Ages 6+)

Materials: Notebook, pencil, camera

Check out the Ontario Tree Atlas here: Write down a few details to help you identify trees, for when you are out looking at trees (or, take a phone with you).  Note the features that make them distinctive. Then, take a nature walk and focus on the trees you see.  Try to find their names by looking for clues such as the shape of their leaves or thorns and the texture of their bark. You’ll find other helpful identification keys here:

Colouring Page (Ages 3+)

Adapted from Forests Ontario – Tree Planting Colouring Sheet

Materials: Printed colouring page (*see link for colouring page*), pencil

Colour in this nature scene using whatever colours you like!  Share a photo of your drawing, and check back to this site to see it posted (see “how to submit” below).

Nature Word Searches (Ages 6+)

Adapted from Forests Ontario – Nature Word Search, Invasive Species Word Search

Materials: 2 Printed Word Search pages (*see link*), pencil

See how many nature words you find!  Share a photo of your completed word search pages, and check back to this site to see it posted (see “how to submit” below).

Leaf it to Memory (Ages 7+)

Adapted from Forests Ontario – Leaf it to Memory

Materials: 4 Printed Tree Identification Photo pages – you’ll need 2 identical sets (*see link*), 4 stiff construction-type paper pages or bristol board pages

Glue each of the 4 memory card pages to a construction paper page (or bristol board), in order to provide a sturdy backing.  Cut the cards out.  To play, lay all cards face down in a symmetrical-ish shape (eg a square), and the first player starts by turning over 2 cards. If they are a match, the player takes the cards.  If they are not a match they are flipped back over and the next player repeats, in a quest to find matching pairs. Continue until all cards are matched, and the player with the most matched cards wins. Share a photo of your family/friends (or your bubble!) playing the game, and check back to this site to see it posted (see “how to submit”). 

**For a list of more wonderful activities for all ages, please visit: Forests Ontario – Education


To submit photos of completed craft & artwork: please print your child’s first name (only) and age in a corner of the artwork.  Then take a photo of it, and email to  

We will keep this site up for a while after Tree Fest, so be sure to send in and check back!