Kid’s Activities

A variety of Kid friendly activities will take place throughout Tree Fest.

Kids stories will be read by our story tellers.  There are several sessions but limited seating.  Free tickets are available.  Please visit Registered Walks and Stories for more information.

There will  be Police Horses, Indigenous crafts  and Long Branch Love among others at the exhibition booths.

Craft Tables

Five craft tables will be held in the Kid’s area.  There will be participation limits at each table.  Once the craft is finished and the space cleaned the next child can participate.

Pressed Leaf Nature Bookmarks:

Choose your own pressed flower and leaves to create a beautiful nature bookmark.

Age: 3+

Table Limit:  4

Leaf It To Memory

Improve tree identification skills using distinguishing characteristics of different leaves. (cards will be held down by rocks) 

Age: All ages

Table Limit:  2

Clay Impressions

Using natural clay, acorns, pinecones, leaves, and twigs, make your own impressions from nature

Age: 3+

Table Limit :  4

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeders

Make your own bird feeder using recycled water bottles and wooden spoons. 

Age: 3+

Table Limit: 4

Tree Seed Planting

Plant a tree seed.  A variety of native tree seeds have been collected in Long Branch for you to plant and take home

Age 3+

Table Limit: 4

Doodlebug Face Painting

Face painting will be availble in the Kids area