Back in Time: Samuel Smith and Upper Canada History


This video examines the history of Samuel Smith and John Graves Simcoe from the American Revolution during the 1770’s and 1780’s to their move to Upper Canada in the 1790’s and the early development of what is now the City of Toronto.

By: Ken O’Brien member of the Long Branch History and Culture Committee.


Junior Tree Huggers Kids Songs

“Mr. R’s Tree Song”

Age 2 – 6 yrs

“Fall and Autumn Counting Song”

Age 2 – 6 yrs

“The Leaves of the Tree are Falling Down”

Age 2 – 6 yrs

Music by Long Branchers!

“How Can we help the Carolinian Forest”

By: Kelly- Sue O’Connor

Kelly-Sue O’Connor is a Board member for the Friends of Sam Smith and organized the 2020 Samuel Smith Virtual Bird Fest.

“Love Me Like You Do”

Dominic Simone Project

This is an original song by Long Branch resident Dominic Simone. It was recorded in Dominic’s living room especially for the 2020 Long Branch Virtual Tree Fest.



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