Economic Value of Living Trees

 The trees in our communities are worth so much more than just its wood! Trees provide a whole host of benefits that impact and shape our environment which can affect our wallet. If you’re keen to learn more about the benefits that our urban trees provide and the value they hold, check out this presentation from LEAF! 

Economic Value of Trees

By: Natasha Keshavjee, Residential Planting Programs Operations Supervisor at LEAF (Local Enhancement Appreciation of Forests)


Junior Tree Huggers Kids songs 

“Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes for Trees”

“Green Grass Grows All Around”

“When you grow up”

 By: Kelly-Sue O’Connor       

Friends of Sam Smith (FOSS) Photo Montage

FOSS photo montage

By: Nancy Barrett

A self-taught wildlife photographer, naturalist and birder, Nancy Barrett has felt a keen curiosity for the wonders of the natural world since early childhood.  Constantly inspired by the beauty and biodiversity of the green spaces in our big city, she continues to share that passion.  Nancy volunteers with several organizations, leading workshops for groups, and is currently the VP of the Friends of Sam Smith Park. 

Tree Fest Vendors

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Hurricane Hazel in Long Branch 

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