Look at what we found in Long Branch 

Long Branch Tree Inventory Results

This amusing presentation looks at the results of the Neibourwoods tree inventory conducted in Long Branch during the past three years.  For more information about “Neighbourwoods” please visit the Neighbourwoods information page

By: The 2020 Long Branch Inventory crew:  Evan Udvarnoky (as the mc), Savannah Bein (as the  politician),  Lucas Udvarnoky (as the bad farmer) and Nicolle Bitter ( as the house keeper) 

Neighbourwoods has been conducting a tree inventory in Long Branch for the past three years.  Here is another amusing short video about the inventory  and how it is done. (Same cast members as before)

Once Upon A Time in the Neighbourwoods


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By: Tyler Pope, Membership Committee, Long Branch Neighbourhood Association


Etobicoke Master Gardener’s Advice Clinic (Live)

Master Gardeners

Master Gardeners will be available via Zoom (link to be provided) to answer any of your horticultural questions.  We look forward to your questions, inquiries, or gardening challenges.  From 12:30 until 1:30 pm.

By: Etobicoke Master Gardeners.  Master Gardeners (MGs) in the Province of Ontario are experienced gardeners who have studied horticulture extensively and continue to upgrade their skills through technical training.


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