“This Old Tree”

“This Old Tree”

“This Old Man and the Tree”

Written and performed by Pat Rice 

Pat Rice: My family moved to Long Branch in 1959 when I was seven. I later attended the Ontario College of Art where I received a number of scholarships and have since won several awards for my paintings. My wife Louise and I own a house in Long Branch that is home to one of the largest red oak Heritage Trees in Toronto. Along with being a painter, I am also an amateur musician and a member of the Drumming by the Lake Drum Circle that operates out of the Martin Luther Church in Mimico.


Kid’s Songs

Introduction to Kid’s Songs


A kids song that everyone will like and you might learn a thing or two.


Music by Long Branchers !

“What a Wonderful World”

By: Mason Gibson
Mason has lived in Long Branch her whole life. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy from Wilfrid Laurier University (2019) where she studied voice. Mason is currently in her final semester of the Masters of Music Therapy program and is completing an internship at Princess Margaret Cancer Center. Mason is also the owner of Misty Mountain Tea Co. which just passed its 5 year anniversary. 

“Back in the Arms of Love”

Dominic Simone Project

This is an original song by Long Branch resident Dominic Simone. It was recorded in Dominic’s living room especially for the 2020 Long Branch Virtual Tree Festival.

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“Gentle Giants” A virtual bike tour

Junior Tree Huggers Kid’s Songs 

  • “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes for Trees”
  • “The Green Grass Grows all around”
  • Kelly Sue O’Connor  “When you Grow up” 

Music by Long Branchers ! 

  • Dominic Simone Project  “Love Me Like You Do”